White Collar Boxing

Do you have what it takes?

VANDA is proud to host and run White Collar Boxing in Singapore, sanctioned by World White Collar Boxing Association. Our White Collar Boxing Events are like no other; packed with drama, grand entrances and attended by the biggest names in Singapore- this black-tie evening is the highlight of the social calendar.

Over the 11 years of running White Collar events across Asia we have raised over 2.8 million for The Children's Surgical Charity in Cambodia and changed the lives of thousands of children.

Each event we recruit a strong squad of participants who are normally much more used to sitting at a desk than stepping into the ring. These new boxers will undertake three months of intense VANDA training to learn out sport and propel their fitness, so they are ready for their big fight night. Our Boxers will fight three suspense filled rounds in the ring in front of hundreds of spectators populated by their friends, family and co-workers! As the final bell sounds, regardless of the outcome of the fight, the participants will have joined one of the most elite groups on this planet, that of being a boxer.

Any White Collar Boxer will tell you that the experience they undertake is unforgettable and memories of their time in the ring, stay with them forever. From forming unique bonds with your squad to raising funds for an amazing cause, the journey of becoming of White Collar Boxer is truly unique.

IPP White Collar Boxing Singapore, 19 October 2019